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Obertauern is Austria’s snowiest winter sports destination

Scientific findings confirm: Obertauern has the greatest snow depths in Austria.

The term “guarantee of snow” is an extremely popular advertising claim. Reliable snow means reliable income and secures the livelihood of numerous winter sports resorts in the Alps. Many regions, however, rely on extensive artificial snowmaking to keep this promise. At an altitude of 1,740 metres, Obertauern is the highest located winter sports resort in the state of Salzburg and has always prided itself on its natural snow reliability – a feature which has now practically been scientifically proven and state-certified. Günther Aigner, the renowned ski tourism researcher, has found that Obertauern has the greatest snow depths in Austria.

His survey is based on roughly 100 years’ worth of snow depth measurements conducted by Austrian State Hydrographic Services. Aigner compared data of the past 30 years for the seven only Austrian states in which winter sports are possible. Then he determined the snowiest spot in each individual state. With a mean maximum snow depth of 264 centimetres, Obertauern is by far the best ranking location. The second-best location, in the Arlberg region, has an average snow depth of 197 centimetres – that’s a whole 25% less than Obertauern. Aigner’s research also shows that, statistically, the snow depths in Obertauern have not changed in 108 years. There is thus no indication that the snowfall in Obertauern might decrease over time. And that means: Obertauern’s guarantee of snow is not just a marketing claim, it is a scientifically proven fact.

Günther Aigner’s entire study “Die jährlichen maximalen Schneehöhen von Obertauern im Vergleich mit den schneereichsten Wintersportorten Österreichs” (Comparing the maximum annual snow depths in Obertauern and the snowiest winter sports destinations in Austria) is available on request.

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