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In the Universe of Wellbeing

The Dreamworld "Da Vinci Spa" at the Gams Geniesser- und Kuschelhotel / Bregenzerwald

Of all the great thinkers of the Renaissance, it was probably Leonardo da Vinci who most corresponds with the ideal of the Universal Man. He was as well-versed in the natural sciences as in art and philosophy and even today, is still regarded as one of the world’s most inventive and talented minds of all time. His theories on the solar system were groundbreaking. Inspired by his findings, the concept and name for the spa at the Gams Geniesser- & Kuschelhotel in Bezau – the “Da Vinci Spa” – came into being.

The Gams Geniesser- & Kuschelhotel has long been known amongst romantics and those in search of sensual days for two. At the hotel’s new “Da Vinci Spa”, one can now experience physical wellbeing in other areas and see for oneself how the planets influence our wellbeing. On entering the spa area, which extends over 1,000 square metres, one comes first to the so-called “Fire Room”, a room for communicating. This is where – symbolically speaking – the Sun gives the Earth the gift of fire. The fire of the Sun and the water of the Earth come together to form the black lava of the anthracite-coloured flooring. This flooring continues in the spa’s various rooms, which represent the individual planets. The steam bath, for example, is bathed in a blue light symbolic of the planet Uranus, which itself represents male power. Opposite, the gentle herbal bath symbolises Venus, the Female. “We deliberately placed the Finnish sauna, which is much hotter than the steam or herbal bath, outdoors. It represents the warlike, the planet Mars”, says Ellen Nenning, co-owner of the Gams Geniesser- & Kuschelhotel, explaining the spa layout. The floor, ceiling, walls and the furnishing of the entire spa area are equipped with continually opening slits of light, which represent the movement and expansion of outer Space. The colour red, which predominates, stands for the lively, vibrant force of the Universe as well as the power of the blood, man’s innermost source of energy. Guests can relax completely and let themselves be transported to another sphere with cosmic music, in the retreat room, in the centre of which a small, brightly lit lily pond has been created. The spa also contains a heated outdoor swimming pool, a summer lounging area and a heart-shaped pond. In the hotel’s beauty parlour, guests’ personal needs are attended to by experienced cosmeticians, using Ligne St. Barth Cosmethiques, a cosmetic range of pure plant-based products. The Dreamworld “Da Vinci Spa” is the culmination of major renovations at the Gams Hotel, making it one of the Vorarlberg region’s most interesting construction projects in 2005. Further information from: Genießer- und Kuschelhotel Gams, Platz 44, 6870 A-Bezau, Telephone: 0043 5514 2220, Fax: 0043 5514 222024, e-mail:,


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