Alpine adventure for families in Obertauern

Every one of us carries one or two unfulfilled childhood dreams with us in our hearts. For example, why were family trips to the meadow when you were a child over just as you were in the middle of the best games? Because daddy didn’t want to miss the sports round-up on TV! Luckily, our own children give us a second chance to make up for missed childhood experiences. ...more

Summer action in Obertauern

Young people run up and down the mountains, as if they have springs instead of joints. Some happen to wait after their fourth decade and things stop being so funny. After a couple of 100 vertical metres downhill, your knees pipe up and hurt so much that you want to call the mountain rescue team. But there’s a much better solution to explore the mountain downhill without pain: In Obertauern it´s called the “Mountain Skyver’. ...more
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