Obertauern winter season ­− at a glance

Obertauern lies 90 km south of Salzburg. Altitude 1,740 m, ski area from 1,630 to 2,313 metres. Distances: Munich 220 km, Vienna 320 km ...more

On top with high levels of snow safety

The former Bavarian politician, Franz Josef Strauß, is said to have related the following: "Up is where I am. And when I am down, then down is up.” Well, in Obertauern nothing is down, everything in the community seems to be somehow up: the name, the skiing area, après ski. ...more

Obertauern – the ultimate freeriding playground

Imagine the exhilarating feeling of dashing down steep, powdery slopes, tackling rough terrain and jumping cliffs… That’s what freeriders dream of. That’s what they call “freedom”. Be the first to leave your mark, master the art of cliff dropping, land in exquisite Champagne powder – brought to you by Obertauern. ...more

Obertauern ignites “Fireworks of Endorphins” to kick off the ski season

Winter sports enthusiasts can start getting excited: On November 22nd 2017, the ski lifts will be up and running again in Obertauern, Austria’s snowiest winter sports destination. As in every year, the ski season in Obertauern is kicked off with a grand celebration ...more

Obertauern is Austria’s snowiest winter sports destination

The term "guarantee of snow" is an extremely popular advertising claim. Reliable snow means reliable income and secures the livelihood of numerous winter sports resorts in the Alps. Many regions, however, rely on extensive artificial snowmaking to keep this promise. At an altitude of 1,740 metres, Obertauern is the highest located winter sports resort in the state of Salzburg and has always prided itself on its natural snow reliability – a feature which has now practically been scientifically proven and state-certified. ...more

Obertauern − A perfect winter wonderland

"Fifty Shades of White" would be a suitable title for Obertauern's success story. The little village in the state of Salzburg has been a favourite skiing hotspot for decades. Snow is the leading character in the prolonged chapters of winter in Obertauern. And it has many names and faces: Champagne, firn, flaky powder, hard-packed etc. Throughout the winter season, skiers and snowboarders can rely on superb snow conditions. From day one of the winter season in November all the way till the Sun & Fun week around May 1. ...more

Family-friendly skiing programme for youngsters in Obertauern

When you are young, learning is easy and fun. This is something we see again and again in Obertauern, the skiing and snowboarding hotspot in the state of Salzburg. To help little beginners develop their skiing and snowboarding skills playfully and efficiently, Obertauern offers special "Bobby's Snow Adventure" deals at very reasonable and family-friendly terms. ...more

Magical winter nights in Obertauern

Awesome vibes at après ski events hosted in alpine chalets, spectacular live performances by top musical acts, prolific DJs and DJanes in the clubs and dancing the night away – these are the images that come to mind when envisioning a winter night in Obertauern. But there is also a quiet and romantic side to the “snow bowl” of the Salzburger Land, away from the glittering party life. ...more