Alpine adventure for families in Obertauern

Every one of us carries one or two unfulfilled childhood dreams with us in our hearts. For example, why were family trips to the meadow when you were a child over just as you were in the middle of the best games? Because daddy didn’t want to miss the sports round-up on TV! Luckily, our own children give us a second chance to make up for missed childhood experiences. ...more

Summer action in Obertauern

Young people run up and down the mountains, as if they have springs instead of joints. Some happen to wait after their fourth decade and things stop being so funny. After a couple of 100 vertical metres downhill, your knees pipe up and hurt so much that you want to call the mountain rescue team. But there’s a much better solution to explore the mountain downhill without pain: In Obertauern it´s called the “Mountain Skyver’. ...more

Alles Alm

If you turn off the B99 onto Gnadenalmstrasse, halfway between Obertauern and Untertauern in SalzburgerLand, there’s a whole other world just waiting to be discovered. One that seems to come from another era, devoid of noisy traffic or hustle and bustle. An idyllic, gently rising plateau at over 1,250 m above sea level, nestled in the imposing panorama of the Radstädter Tauern mountain range, welcomes visitors with peace and unspoilt nature ...more

Obertauern in the summer – At a glance

Obertauern is located 90 km south of the city of Salzburg at about 1,740 m above sea level in the heart of the High Tauern mountains around the Radstädter Tauern Pass. About 8 km to the north is the town of Untertauern, at 1,009 m above sea level. Tweng is located on the south side of the Pass at 1,233 m above sea level in Salzburg's Lungau region, 8 km away from Obertauern. ...more

Alpine summer in Obertauern

Obertauern is located 90 km to the south of the city of Salzburg in the heart of the mountains around the Radstädter Tauern Pass. The region is well-known as a hotspot of winter sports but is also an insider tip as an attractive summer holiday region. Sporty mountain lovers and families can discover over 100 km of hiking trails and rustic alpine pastures here. Quiet mountain lakes reflecting the summer sky, breathtaking natural spectacles like the Johannes Waterfall, and cosy alpine cabins are hiking destinations that will thrill parents and children alike. ...more

123 kilometres, an elevation gain of 4,505 metres and the joy of reaching the top in Obertauern

Where skiing fun and après-ski usually reign supreme, mountain bikers will now find a new seasonal highlight from July 2018 onwards–the exclusive, the Austrian Stoneman Taurista. With its 123 kilometres and an elevation gain of 4,505 metres the mountain bike adventure “Stoneman by Roland Stauder powered by Rocky Mountain” brings you to the colourful Alpine ...more