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Dr. Irene Reithner

Dr. phil. Irene Reithner, an art historian, has been part of the team at MAROundPARTNER since January 2006. After studying in Graz, Austria, the native Carinthian moved to Munichwith her family, and completed her education with a dissertation on Carinthian painting during the interwar period. A period of training work in the editorial department of the art magazine ‘Weltkunst’ was her next stop, after which she worked for several years in the magazine’s advertising department. As a freelance author she wrote articles about the art market, exhibitions, auctions and art catalogues. At MAROundPARTNER Mrs Reithner works in the advertising department, where she is responsible for all advertising and media planning in the classic sector, for production and text.  

Tel. +49 (0) 89 5471 1873