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Conditions of use

Copyright and right of use
Copyright for the MAROundPARTNER Newsroom is held by MAROundPARTNER GmbH, Munich. Rights of use or copyright in respect of the texts and images supplied is held by the specified source in each case. Only authorized companies and personnel shall be entitled to undertake the reproduction or media publication of texts and images free of charge.

Entitlement to the use of images
The images in this newsroom are provided by the suppliers. The suppliers’ details are included in the caption for each image. MAROundPARTNER does not accept any liability for any dispute regarding the rights of use between the supplier and the photographer or the copyright holder. Any justifiable claims in such cases should be taken up with the provider named in the relevant caption.

The images in this newsroom shall only be available for use, free of costs or charges, by the media and by journalists or freelancers working for the media. Media shall include print, radio and TV media, together with on-line platforms of a broadcasting nature. Private individuals, advertising agencies, design studios, PR and Internet agencies, and other groups of persons who are not expressly specified as authorized users shall be expressly prohibited from the use of images, either for their own purposes or on behalf of clients or third parties, unless written consent to this effect has been obtained from the originator of the material concerned. The sale of images from this data base is not permitted. MAROundPARTNER shall not accept any liability for the improper use of images.

Images shall only be used in conjunction with information or terms from the relevant source in the MAROundPARTNER newsroom. Any other use shall not be permitted, and shall give rise to a compensation claim on the grounds of copyright. Images used must carry a reference to the source and, where indicated, to the photographer.

Entitlement to the use of text
Texts from the present newsroom are available for the use of the media and all other interested parties free of charge. The indication of ” MAROundPARTNER” as the provider is preferred, but not compulsory. The sale of texts from the present data base is not permitted.

Comments, requests, questions
We are happy to receive your comments and requests by E-mail. If the quality of image resolution is not adequate, please indicate your quality requirements, and specify how you wish images to be delivered (E-mail, ISDN).

In case of uncertainties regarding the use of text and images from the MAROundPARTNER newsroom, please contact MAROundPARTNER GmbH, Lutzstraße 2, D-80687 München, phone +49-89-5471180, Fax +49-89-54711810, f.a.o. Ms Heidi Wahr, You will appreciate that we cannot supply text or images from clients other than those listed in the present data base.